I’ve always been good at packing my shh and leaving.


Depending a verb. in which you rely on 

,Hope for,

create a feeling of hope that the other party might not fail

that your expectations might not go to waste

Depending on others to not let you down is like waiting for time to never pass

and yet things move on even after death

There is so much depending in love,

to hope for someone to not let you down

to hope for the love to never die

to hope for… forever



We all rely on something, someone 

leave it to fate to give you the answer,

Depend on chance to give you a break,

depend on life its self to give you a hand and get you up when you’re down

We depend on a lot of things,

that we forget about ourselves,

We depend so much that it hurts when we realize that depending is just a waste of time

when all along we should be relying on ourselves,

at least you don’t have to blame it on anyone but yourself

and yet we still hope,

and depend

Depend on others for acceptance, love, partnership, encouragement, etc.

Let’s take back depending,

and think of ourselves, what we believe is best for ones person

for ones happiness

for ones love

for ones acceptance 

to laugh at ourselves, to smile and admire our mirror image 

to love only one person 

to love ourselves 

to not depend on anyone for things

depending only of our own person

for less disappointment 

and more time to spend with someone that accepts all the flaws, the good or bad days, that will have the courage to stand your own knees and get you out of bed…

that one person that you can depend on,


Depend on that, it will never let you down.

or make you cry 

or leave you when you aren’t alright 

Depend on you.

There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.
Denis Waitley (via supermodelgif)


Maybe I am pushing you away
But maybe you did something that
Made me back up

But if you called right now
I’d probably answer ❤️

I don’t know what this is
Maybe you’re over me
Maybe I’m over you

But I do care about you
And I want you to be happy
Either way

Life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations.


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No Title

I lay and let my soul long for yours,
I ask myself “what should I do?”
“How do I continue without you?”
And why does my heart keep hurting like that scar is never healing,
A continues thought to think of you and I together,
Now apart,
Separated by decisions
Pained by culture
I’ve been painted blue and I feel black,
Without you I’m cold,
Miss your touch, your sweet talks
You held me tight and loved me more,
It hurts to feel this even more at my weakest point,
I stay strong,
But I break, I break everyday like I never broke before
And a vision of us haunts me,
A vision of you alone confuses me,
A vision of me alone destroys me,
The strength I once had is now diminished by the constant thought of you,
Love no longer holds us together but keeps the thought of us alive
My empty core misses you,
The part of me that you soften has become numb,
Going through the long process of moving on
Even though I can’t close the door,
I love you still,
And you’re still alive in my thoughts, reminisce in my soul, excite my senses and provoke my mind with every part of you


work in progress for “el verano del Cohete” edition



work in progress for “el verano del Cohete” edition



Adam Neate

Amazing work.


Adam Neate

Amazing work.